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Watershopy Worldwide, is dedicated to create water filter solutions with proper water testing & and counselling that safeguard health and promote sustainability. Our journey began with a mission to raise water awareness and nurture entrepreneurship in this vital sector. Through innovative products, educational resources and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, we aim to make clean water accessible to all.

Join us in our endeavour to create a healthier and more conscious world, one drop at a time."

Facilitating Empowerment

Watershopy Worldwide's Social Entrepreneurship Program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs in the water sector. This initiative offers mentorship, help, and resources to create sustainable businesses addressing water challenges. Through workshops, networking, and expert guidance, participants develop ventures that promote water awareness and sustainability, driving positive impact in communities. The program aims to foster innovation and collaboration, equipping individuals with tools to make a meaningful difference in the world of water.

The Purpose We Pursue

Watershopy Worldwide's core goal is to ensure clean and accessible water for all, driving positive social change. By offering innovative water filter solutions with promoting awareness and supporting entrepreneurs in the water sector, we strive to enhance health, reduce environmental impact, and empower communities. Our commitment to sustainability and education serves as a catalyst for a brighter future, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive through improved water quality and responsible resource management.

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Oxyaura Alkaline Filter

The Oxyaura Advance Alkaline Filter Transforms Normal Water into Alkalien, Maintaning PH Balance and Reducing ORP, Offering ULtra-Hydrating, Mineral-Rich Water to Improve Test And Wellness, Available In 3 Ranges, Qualities and Sizes.

INR 625.4

Oxyaura Copper Filter

The Oxyaura Copper Filter Harnesses The Essential Mineral Copper To Effectively Eliminate Waterborne Bacteria, Reduce Inflammation, Aid Digestion And Promote Overall Gastrointestinal Health.

INR 1770

Oxyaura Post- Carbon Filter

The Oxyaura Post-Carbon Filter Ensures The Ultimate Purity Of Water By Removing Remaining Contaminants Post-Ro Process, Enhancing Taste, Eliminating Residual Chlorine, And Utilizing Nano Silver-Impregnated Activated Carbon Block Technology.

INR 398.84

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