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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Watershopy Worldwide:

  1. Definitions:

    The terms "We," "Us," "Our," or "Company" refer to Watershopy Worldwide Private Limited. The terms "You," "Your," or "Yourself" refer to the users.

  2. Electronic Contract:

    This Privacy Policy serves as an electronic contract under the Information Technology Act, 2000, and relevant amendments. It doesn't require physical signatures and is bound by electronic document laws.

  3. Binding Agreement:

    This Privacy Policy establishes a legal agreement between you and Watershopy Worldwide Private Limited. It becomes effective upon your acceptance, directly or indirectly (via electronic means), governing the relationship for your use of "https://watershopyworldwide.in".

  4. Compliance with IT Rules:

    This document adheres to the Information Technology (reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data of information) rules, 2011, which mandates the publication of Privacy Policy for sensitive data collection, use, storage, and transfer.

  5. Acceptance and Consent:

    By using the Website, you demonstrate your understanding, agreement, and consent to this Privacy Policy. If you disagree, kindly refrain from using the Website.

  6. Data Collection and Consent:

    Your use of facilities or provision of Information to the Website implies consent to collect, store, process, and transfer Personal and Non-Personal Information as specified here. This data usage will not cause harm to you or others.

Categories of Processed Data:

  1. Automatically Collected Data:

    Upon using Watershopy Worldwide, our system automatically gathers information, including:

    • User's browser details
    • User's operating system
    • User's device IP address
    • Date and time of access
    • Access status / http status code
    • Referring websites
    • Requested websites and events
    • User's search queries and results
    • User's location region (if enabled)
    • User login information (if used)
    • Volume of transmitted data
    • Web analytics data and user profiles
    • Errors and technical malfunctions
  2. Personal Data Processing:

    We process personal data if you're in a contractual relationship with us, or if you've provided data through login, newsletter, or contact forms. This data is stored in log files, including error-related details.

Legal Basis and Processing Purpose:

  1. Legal Grounds for Processing:

    Data processing is based on legal grounds like contract fulfillment, legitimate interest, law compliance, and protection of interests.

  2. User Registration:

    Registration data collection is for fulfilling usage agreements between users and us.

  3. Email Usage:

    Your email address collected during registration or contract performance is used to notify you about similar goods, services, subscriptions, and Watershopy Worldwide. This is based on our legitimate interest.

  4. Newsletter and Advertising:

    With your consent, we use your email address to send newsletters and advertising. You can withdraw consent anytime.

  5. IP Address Usage:

    Temporary IP address storage is vital for site delivery. IP addresses are stored for security and billing purposes.

  6. Geo-localization:

    We use anonymous IP addresses for regionally relevant information. User consent can enable or disable device location detection.

  7. Legitimate Interests:

    Data processing for tailored products, informing about products, improving services, and increasing revenue is based on our legitimate interests.

  8. Data Security and Business Interests:

    Data processing supports business implementation, employee welfare, shareholder benefits, and customer satisfaction.

  9. Continuous Improvement:

    We analyze website usage via cookies to enhance services and monitor advertising efficiency.